Dances Taught

5 Leaf Clover- Mitch & Linda Burgess (Int. Waltz)

Lucky Lips- Beginners

Stand by me- Absolute Beginners

Drinkaby- Rachael McEnaney

Call Me- Ryan Hunt- Intermediate

Carry You With Me- Lu Olsen- Intermediate

Geronimo Easy- Beginners

Devil In A Dress- Neils Poulsen- Intermediat

Firecracker Cha- absolute beginner- Linda Burgess

Never Say Never- Linda Burgess- Improver

Skinny Genes- Pat & Lizzie Stott (UK)

Black Coffee

Bite My Dust- Beginners- Linda Burgess

Katchi- R.Fowler

Glass of Wine- Malene Jakobsen (DK)

Chrystal Cha- Simon & Maddy

Starting Over- Linda Burgess

Pick a Pocket- Jan Whylie

Homecoming Queen-Karl-Harry Winson(UK)

Here We Go-Gary O'Reilly & Maggie GAllagher (UK)

Let's Go Girls

Make It- Rob Fowler

Flowers- Linda Burgess

Baby I'll- Gordon Elliott

Never gonna not dance again- Maddy

Beautiful Stranger- Linda Burgess

Mamma Maria- Frank Trace

I Like it, i love it- Lu Olsen


Heaven's Jukebox- Jose' Belloque Vane & Willie Brown
The Knock Off- Kate Moore
Whistle On the Wind- Stephen Patterson
Would Do It Again (WDIA)- Linda Burgess
Let's Get It- Mark Simpkin
Like I loved You- Jennifer Hughes
Think- Bryan Hancock
If Not For You- A. Johnstone & J.Talbot
Arrogante-Raymond Sarlemijn
Moonlight Dancin'- Kevin Formosa
The Last WAltz- Tim Gauci
Volarie-Jun Andrizal (INA)
Little Miss Rosie- Classis- Tracie Lee
Like Heaven- Lu Olsen
Forever Together-Heather Barton
Piece by Piece- Lu Olsen & Julie Hearne
Brown Eyes Baby- Magali Chabret
Latin Fire-Ria Vos
You Saved Me Tonight- Gordon Elliot
Heartfirst- Kate Simpkin & Linda Burgess
Dim the lights- Maddy & Simon
You Don't have to- Kim RAy
Angels- Mark Simpkin
Sad & Lonely- Bryan Hancock
Told you i could drink- Linda Burgess
Stretched- Groot, Wolfe, & Parker
Goodwill Gucci's- Mitch Burgess
Mighty Fine-Ria Vos
Don't Mess with Jim- Bryan Hancock
Somewhere in my car- Linda Burgess
Some Kind of wonderful-improver
Heart Like a Wheel- (revisited)
Storm & Stone-Maddison Glover
Smoky Places (revisited)
You can have him- Linda Burgess
The Last Waltz (revisited)-Tim Gauci
Give me Shivers
Do it with Style
'Til the Neon's Gone
Urban Nights- Kim Ray
Hold my hand- Josh T. & Alison J.
You Don't Have to- Kim Ray
Just CAll me Angel- Tim Gauci
Keys to the Country- Linda Burgess
Passing Train- Jennifer Hughes
Before you love me- Josh Talbot
Always Humble
Love Grows- M.Glover
Danger Twins
Crash at Mine- Revisted & revised- Travis Taylor
Believer Baby- Alison Johnston
Believer- Lu Olsen
Something Stupid Cha Cha- revisited & revised- Linda Burgess
Come Tomorrow- revisted & revised- Michele Peron 
Dancing in the Kitchen- Stephen Patterson
Cloudy Day- Linda Burgess
Bad Habits- Maggie Gallagher and Gary O'Reilly
Flower Shops-Linda Burgess & Chris Watson
No Truckin' Way - J.Talbot
Dance without a partner- Neils Poulsen
Starlight- Bryan Hancock


(after lockdown- Oct)

Would Have Loved Her- Darren Bailey (revisted /revised)
Higher & Higher- Linda Burgess & Lu Olsen- New Teach
Cold Heart- Maddison Glover- New teach
Raised Like That- Linda Burgess- New teach

Revision after lockdown- Oct

Come Dance with me
House of Cards- easy
Imelda's Way
Close your eyes
In Dreams
Lamtarra Rhumba
Burning Inside
Shelter Easy
Good to Go easy/Good to Go
Neon Vegas Lights
Soon We'll be found
I've seen it all
Brings you happiness
Pretty Damn Good
Toot Toot
No Expectations
Drink Drank Drunk
One to Go


My Bestie- Colin Ghys & Jose' Miguel B.V.
It's Only Natural- revisited- Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer
No Expectations-Jason Takahashi
Burning inside- Tom Glover
Little Bit of Lovin"- Linda Burgess
Would Have Loved Her-Darren Bailey
Nothing breaks like a heart- (re-visited)- Robyn Groot & Linda Wolfe
Ladylike- (re-visited)  Nadia Friel 
Neon Vegas Lights- Travis T.
Move Together- Travis T.
Burning Fire- Linda Burgess
Shelter (easy)- Lyn Booth
Soon We'll be found- Lu Olsen
Muddy Water Healing- Maddison
Good to Go (easy)- Charlie Mifsud
Like a Lovesong- Kelvin & Erin Dale
Too Soon- Kelvin & Erin Dale
The Captain- Josh Talbot
To Begin Again- Linda Burgess
I've seen it all- Gary O'Reilly
Hell of a View- Mark Simpkin
Tennessee Whiskey- Jennifer Hughes & Kevin Formosa- Revisted
Over the rainbow swing- Gordon Elliot- Revisited
Afterglow- Jenny & John Hughes
Kids Again- Lu Olsen
Good to Go-Scott Blevins
Vanotek Cha- revisited
Believe- LInda
Country in 3 - Maddison, Jo, Michelle
Brings you Happiness- Stephen P.
Pretty Damn Good- Linda and Lu
Perfect Memory- Josh
Broke as -Josh
Toot Toot- Linda
Liquid Sunshine
I like it, I love it- Lu Olsen
Living on Love- Lindsay
Bottle it up _revisited- Linda Nyffeler
Kokomo Cocktails- Gordon
Beautiful Girl- revisited- Tom
God's Been Good- revisited- Tom
Drink Drank Drunk- Rachel M.
Cover Me Up- David and Grace
Knee Deep- revisited
Sweet Attraction
One to go- Linda
Like a Symphony - Grace
Always on time
Everyday is Christmas- revised- Linda
Crying for you- revised- Linda


Love Ain't

Love You Cha

Truck- LInda Burgess

Standing with you - Lu Olsen

Take me Home- Dee Musk & co

Sweet Temptation

Good Taste in Women- Tim Gauci & Stephen Patterson

Courage- Kate Moore Simpkin & Linda Burgess

Paralyzed- Linda Burgess

Faithful Soul

Bottle it up (blast from the past)

Veneno- Ria Vos

Salt and Lime- Josh Talbot

Just Drunk- Linda Pink

Stuck With You-Linda B

Always Remember Us-Lu Olsen


Romeo Tonight- Karl-Harry Winson

Over Drinking- Linda- improver Waltz

My Side of the Fence- Julia Wetzel

How Have we never- Linda- easy int.

Let Me Get There- Linda-improver

Every Little Thing- Mark Simpkin

K is for kicks- beginners

Over the Moon- Beginners


Half Past Tipsy- Maddison & Rachel M.

Whatever it takes- Lu Olsen & Julie Hearne- Intermediate

Mercy Momma- Revisited- Linda Burgess

How Did You Get Here- Linda- Intermediate

Dance Monkey- Alison

In Dreams- revisited

Lose You- revisited- Travis

Crash at Mine- Travis

In Case You Didn't Know- Bill Larson

Senorita- Josh Talbot & Sally

May I Have this Dance- Chris Watson

Soul Shake-Fred Whitehouse

Rolling with Love- Simon Ward

Laughter in the Rain- (blast from the past) Dee Musk

Beer Can't Fix It- Linda Burgess/Workshop dance Tassie & N.Z

Get Along- Linda Burgess/Workshop dance TAssie & N.Zealand

Turbococco- Linda Burgess/Workshop dance Tassie & N.Zealand

Fast Hearts and Slow Towns- Linda Burgess/Workshop dance Tassie & N.Zealand

3 Songs for You- Cathy Breed

American Made- R.Fowler & D. Mitchell


It's So Easy- G.Elliott

Bonaparte's Retreat- M.Glover

One Less Day- T.Glover

You Need to Calm Down- Adrian & Jess

Worth a Shot-D.Mitchell

Get Wild- Maddison Glover  & Jo Thompson

A Million Dreams- Lu Olsen

Like a Wrecking Ball -Jenny & John Hughes

Don't Give Up On Me- Alison Johnstone & Linda Burgess

I Will Follow Him- Gordon Elliott

4.20- Luke Watson

Light up the world- Lorraine Summerell

Simply the Best- Maddison & Rachael M.

Cha Cha Baby-L.Burgess

My Anthem

Dance with a stranger- A.Lefebour

Hustle Rock- L.Burgess

Cherry Bomp- R. Fowler

G.W. Waltz- J.Talbot

Sittin' Here- Kate Simpkin

Girl Behind the Mask (Jo Rosenblatt)

Oh Henry- Joanne Brady

24 Reasons

Katchi-Rob Fowler-beg

Girl behind the Mask-int

Mr.Sandman- Frank Trace-beg

Weekdays- Blast from the past-easy int.

Just a Phase- Fred Whitehouse & Maddison Glover-int.

Lonely Lady- Gordon Elliott-easy int.

Heart Of an Angel (revisted- re-teach)- Willie Brown-easy int.

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart- Lynda Wolfe & Robyn Groot-int.

Easy Come, Easy Go (beginner) to song We Will Rock You-beg.

Birmingham (revisited)-int.

Ooh Baby- Linda B. (beginner)

Why So Serious- Lu Olsen-easy int.

Bethleham Child


Never Comin' Down (Julie Talbot & Helen Ng

All This Love- Linda Burgess

La Fiesta

True Inspiration- Julia Wetzel

All I Am- Julia Wetzel

Get to You- Lyn Booth

Homesick Heart-Maddison G.

Pillows- beg. L.Burgess

Feels Like Home- beg. Linda B.

Something About You - Beg. Linda B.

Waves of Love

No Stone Unturned- Lisa Foord & Linda Burgess

Dirty Little Secret- Ria Vos

Heart Like a Heart-L.Burgess

I've Been Waiting For You- J.Talbot & A. Johnstone

Ride Away-R.McGowen Hickie

Cry For You- L.Burgess

Down at the Honkytonk- D.Mitchell

Beautiful Crazy- Travis Taylor

Desperado- blast from the past

Choke Around

Black Feathers- S.Kerrigan

Old Time Rock & Roll (revisited)

Everyday Is Christmas

Life Love Liberty (classic)

Have It All

Vanotek Cha

Sweet Southern Comfort- Version 2

This Is Familiar- Michael Vera Lobos

Hey Senorita

Get It Right- Maddison Glover

Ace in the Hole- Kevin Formosa 

Simple- Linda B

I Close My Eyes- Hazel Pace

Trust in You- Linda B

Another Heartache- Linda B

Young Ones- Linda B

Soggy Bottom Summer- Cathy Breed

Coming Home- Lu Olsen

If Only- S.Patterson, J.Bishop & A.Lebafour

Gotta Move- Julie & Helen

Who Needs Mexico- Kath McMannon

I Hate Love Songs-Rachael McEnaney

You are the reason baby- Alison 

Tipsy- Linda Burgess

You Got Em' All- Charlie & Kate

Paddy's Choir

It's Working- Wayne Beazley

We Got Love- Linda Burgess

Wild Hearts- Lu Olsen & Linda Burgess

Whiskey Bridges- Maddison Glover

Sh Boom

Boots- Maddison Glover

A Night Like This- Lisa Foord Molkner & Marie Williams

Misty Blue- Lu Olsen

Louisiana Bayou- Lisa Foord Molkner

Love Don't Die- L.Burgess

Smoke & Mirrors- D.Mitchell

Another Day with You-Lu Olsen

Every Female- Josh Talbot

Oh Hot Dam


Over the moon

2017 continued

One Last Song-L.Burgess

Sweet Caroline

Never Tear Us Apart- Lu Olsen & Stephen Patterson

Does He Love Me- Michael Vera Lobos

Little Devil- Beginner

Strip it Down- Revised

Beautiful Wonderful

Story- Maddison Glover

Count the Beers- Linda Burgess


Eyes For You

Swagger Hips- Linda Burgess & Chris Watson

Too Good- Linda Burgess

What About Us- Linda Burgess

Here Right Here

I'm Stuck- Linda Burgess

Turn On The Radio- revisited- L.Burgess

Bittersweet Memory- revisited- R.Vos

Woman in Love- J.Talbot

Moonshine Molly- beginner

I Must Be Dreaming- V. Morris

Hold on Forever- Linda Burgess  (easy)

Feeling Hot Hot Hot - improver- revisited

Penny Arcade- M.Simpkin

Dance Ranch Romp- classic

Southern Streamline- classic 

Chemicals- Rachel Burgess

Honkytonk Highway (improver) (U.K.)

Throwback Love - U.K.

Shut up & Kiss Me- Lisa Molkner

Broken- S.Patterson & L. Olsen

Come Dance with Me- revisted (improver)

Why Can't I- (revisited)- M.Palmer & R.Fletcher

Despacito- Linda Burgess

Hillbilly Fever- Sandy Kerrigan

Lonely Drum- Darren Mitchell

Fallin' For You - Linda Burgess

Dive- Mark Simpkin

Shut Up and Kiss Me- Lisa Foord Molkner

I'm Still Standing- Parker, Groot & Wolfe

Belles Belles Belles- Maddison G.

Forever Country- Stephen Patterson

Lady In Red-Simon Ward

Feel the Beat- Chris Watson

You Ain't Here- Linda Burgess

Bite My Dust- Linda Burgess

Bedroom Boogie- Maddison Glover



Hold On Forever- Linda Burgess

Ciao Adios- Linda Burgess

The Wire-Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings

Every Sunrise-- Tom Glover

I Met a Girl- Mark Simpkin & Chris Watson

The Impossible- (blast from the past) -Brett Jenkins

Perfect One- Linda Burgess

Water Off a Ducks Back

Hold On

House- Linda Burgess 

Say It's Forever- Linda Burgess

Castle On the Hill- Linda Burgess

One Dance- A.B      B.Larson

Splitfloor with One Dance- Linda Burgess

Don't Be Blue-L.Booth

A Little Faith-T.Gauci

  Hey Stranger

Take  Me To the River

Hold me now  

Strip it Down- U.K.

Hello Summer

Be Happy- Brett Jenkins and Josh Talbot

Living Next Door to Alice- Lu Olsen

Kick a Little Dirt Around- Rob Fowler & Heather Barton

Today is Yesterday- Linda Burgess

Nobody But Me- Linda Burgess

Once More- Linda Burgess

Set in Stone- Linda Burgess

Sweet Dreams- Chris Watson (revisited)

Better than Leaving- Rosalie McKay (revisited)

Pieces-Dustin Betts

Come dance with me- revisited

Working for the Man- revisited

Come Tomorrow- Revisited

Gypsy Queen- Hazel Pace

Left in the Dark

Break on Me- Josh T.

All I Ask You- Tim Gauci

A Woman's Love- Tracie Lee

Saving My Love- Linda B.

Frankie Fever- Maddison G.

Do a Little Life- Maddison G.

Getaway Driver- Linda B.

Try Everything - Adrian

Catch and Release- Linda Burgess- Easy Intermediate

Try Everything (easy) - Adrian L.

S.T One- Rachel McEnaney

Thinking Country- Simom Ward - Beginner

One Dance -Linda Burgess- Intermediate 

Give- Gordon Elliott- Intermediate

Be That Song- Mark Simpkin- Intermediate

Bring on the Good Times- Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher


Back to the Water- Linda Burgess- Beginner Waltz

Can't Stop the Feeling- Rachel Burgess- Intermediate

Sofia- Francien Sittrop- Intermediate

Making History- Craig Bennett, Dee Musk & Simon Ward- Intermediate

Lonely Girl- Maddison Glover - Improver

Beat of the Music- Donna Manning

Can't Stop the Feeling- Rachel Burgess

Second Hand Heart- J.Hughes & K.Formosa

Sinatra & Chardonay-Alison & Peter

About Feelings- Ria Vos 

Without You- Linda Burgess 

Bring Down The House- Linda

Seven Year Ache- J.Watts- beginner

All Day Long- Gordon

Lay Low- D.Bailey

Gimme That Title-T.Gauci

Sugar Honey I.T.

Princess Cha- Chris, Neils, Maddy

Edge of Desire-Linda Burgess

Big Blue Tree 

Tuesday's Blues- Simon Ward/ Neils Poulsen


Best Seat in the House- Stephen Patterson

Feels Good - Kathryn Sloan


Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day- J.Hughes

Dizzy- Jo. Thompson

Twists & Turns- Maddie Glover


Don't Let 'Em- John Bishop

Stand By You- Linda Burgess

Americano- easy- Lu Olsen

Under my Skin- Carl Sullivan

Someone Else's Star- Stephen Patterson

Bird Set Free- L.Burgess

My Legs Are Weak- L.Burgess

Don't Be So- L.Burgess

Resurrection Shuffle- L.Burgess

Baby I'm Right- T.Gauci

We Were Us- G.Elliott

Sugarbaby Love- S.Patterson

One Call Away- J. Talbot

No Vacancies-C.Watson


the Bomp

Stuck in the middle- Lyn B.

Better than ever- Maddy

Chasing Me- Mark


Ain't Killed Me Yet-  Gordon 

Shot of Whiskey-  Linda B. 

Lose You-   Travis 

Uptown Funk AB

Turn the Beat Up-  Maddy

Darling Hold My Hand

Honey I'm Good-  Adrian & Jess

Girl Crush

Stripes- Ria Vos 

Shades of Passion- R.Fowler

Stories We Could Tell- Tom. Glover

Those Were The Days

Ex's & Oh's- Lu Olsen- Intermediate

Ex's & Oh's Basic- Lu Olsen

Heidi- Jan Whylie

Heartaches & Honkytonks- Bill Larson

Sing- Michael Vera Lobos

Cecelia- Willie Brown & Heather Barton (Scotland)

Honey Bee Boogie- improver- Jo Thompson & Frank Trace

Limes- improver- L.Burgess

Cheerleader- int. Mitch & Rachel Burgess 

House of Cards- T.Gauci  

Easy House of Cards- Lyn Booth 

Nights In White Satin- L.Burgess 

 Dear Future Husband

We Are Done- Adrian L.

Blame it on the Disco- Gordon 



Tick Tock two 

That's What I am- S.Patterson

Love song Waltz- Maria Smith

Cuban Heels- old dance

Bare Essentials- old dance

Yeah Yeah- J.Bishop

Gone with the wind- Sloan & Dale

Gin & Tonic-

Bright Side- L.Burgess

Wildcard- K.Sloan

Teenage Dreamin'- M.Glover


Fallin'- T.Taylor

Ugly Heart-J.Talbot

Goodluck Charm- C.Sullivan

Geronimo-easy- G.Parker

The Voice- Linda

Budapest- R.McKay

I couldn't ask for more-S.Patterson

Overcomer- M.Simpkin

Room 7- Linda

Betty Lou-Linda 

Try- Mitchell & Rachel Burgess

Flying High 

Let Her Go- Darren Mitchell

We Only Live Once- Linda

Only Love- Linda

Baby Kisses

All Good

Raggle Taggle Gypsy o

Til The Love Runs Out- Linda Wolfe

Us- (She & I)- Gordon Elliott

Popcorn- Time Gauci

In the Summertime- Linda Burgess

Medicine- Linda & Mitch Burgess

Dirt Road Kid- Mark. Simpkin

Verandah Stomp- Nigel Mooney

Not Like That- Anne Herd

Slip On By- Nigel Mooney

Better To Love- Josh & Julie Talbot

Geronimo- Linda Burgess

Somewhere in my Car- Linda Burgess

Laughter in the Rain- Dee Musk

Blame it on the boogie- Carl

Roma- Carl

When You Were Mine- Linda Burgess

Viva La Revolucion- Linda Burgess

Love is Easy- Linda Burgess

Honey Pie-

Baby Don't Rush- Tim. G.

Boogie Shoes- Tim. G.

Borrow My Heart - Travis T.

Why Can't I- M. Palmer & R. Fletcher

Someone, Somewhere - Maddison & Donna

Forget all your yesterdays

The Blarney Roses

Shout- M.V.Lobos

Jump on a Ride

Finder's Keepers- Jennifer Hughes (Int)

Little Devil - A. Herd (beg)

Gotta Hold of me- J. Whylie (beg)


Dream Lover

All Of Me - Travis- (int)

Mountain Girl- Kelvin Dale & Kathryn Sloan

Catfish dinner- Kathryn Sloan & Kelvin Dale- (easy)

Kick up your heels-Linda Wolfe (int)

Bonfire Heart- Linda

Something I Need- Linda

One Of These Days-Noel Brady

Better Than You- Gordon Elliott

Cannibal Stomp

Beginner Boots

Imelda's Way

Wake Me Up When It's All Over- Kevin Formosa

No Man's Land- Ria Vos

Big Country Sky- Rosalie McKay

Coupedeville- J&J Talbot

Bootscootin' Woman-Rev

Come Fly With Me-Brett Jenkins- Rev

Little Miss Rosie-Rev

Wanna Be Elvis-Rev

Sweet Southern Comfort-Rev

Not Lost-Rev

Fly Baby Fly- Rev

Pick a Pocket-Rev

Treat Me Right

Shame & Scandal

Everybody Loves a Lover- Linda Pink

You're the One that I want-Revisited-

Linda Burgess

We Can't Stop-Mitch Burgess

Hurt Me Carefully- Ria Vos

Highway Blues-Mark S, Bill L, & Peter F.

Baby Believe-Linda Burgess

Let Me Go-Carl

Dance Again

Voodoo Jive

It's Only Natural


Blurred Lines - Linda Burgess

Down to the Island - J.Hughes

Is This the Way To - Easy- Michelle P.

Where You Are- Int. Mitch&Linda 

Outta Control-Simon

Rocket to the Sun- Beginner- Maddy

Gleefully There- Rachel. M.

I'm Too Sexy- Linda

Heaven's Question-Maddy & Tom

Two Little Turtles - Sandy

Red Hot Rock-Linda

Line In the Sand-Sandy

 Young Girls- Linda

Go Seven

When I Was Your Man-Linda Burgess

I Don't Care- Michael V.Lobos 

Wagon Wheel Rock

Gypsy Rose

Thousand Years _Michael. V.L.



Just Give- Linda

I Want It All- A.Herd

There Will Be Love-Chris & Lorraine

Feel the Beat- (beg) Linda

Will You Still Love Me- Rachael

Half Past Nothin'


Call Me Maybe-Ryan & Jessie

Run to Paradise-Chris Mann

Small ye all'- J.Hughes


His Only Need (Ria Vos) Intermediate 

Haven't Met You Yet (revised) Linda

Pick A Bale- (beginner)

United We Stand - Tracie Lee

Man Like that (intermediate) Linda

Stick Like Glue (beginner)

Little  Waka- Linda Burgess (beginner)

Now or Never- Carl Sullivan

Missing Link - Hazel Pace

Demon Kitty Rag-Linda Burgess

Rock Paper Scissors-M.Gallagher

Loch Lomond- Barbara Hile

Between The Cheats- Linda Burgess

I Ain't Never

Help Me, Help Me- Bill L. & Travis T.

Long Hot Summer- Mitch & Linda Burgess

Beautiful In My Eyes- Simon W.

Africa Jack - revisitied

Under the Sun- revisited

Changed (Mark)

Wake Me Up (Barry)

Lets's Swing (revised)(T.Hogan)

Tartin Around (beg/easy to Girls Night Out (Jan Whylie)

Girls Night Out (Terry Hogan)

Cool cool kitty (Colleen Satchell)

Where the Wind Blows (Peter & Alison)

Cowboy Cassanova (Carl)

Let's Dance (Revisited- C.Watson) 

I Saw Linda Yesterday  

Everyone's Waiting (Linda) 

This Ole' Boy (Rachel) 

Drive By (T.Glover)

Dominoe (Rachel M.) 

Paso-Ga-Ga (L.Burgess)

Blue Night Cha

Ray Of Light (Simon Ward) 

Workin" (Rosalie McKay)

Rock Your Body (A. Herd)

Aiko Shako (J.Whylie)

Stand Up  (Anne Herd)

A Thousand Years (M.V.Lobos) 

Irish Stew (revisited) 

Cry, Cry, Cry,

The Crying Game


Dance In The Rain (Keith Davies)

 16 Tons (M.V.Lobos)

Key To My Home (Linda Burgess)

Always On Your Side (Linda Burgess)

The Flute

Hillbilly-1 (Linda Burgess)

Dreamers (T.Glover)

Proud Mary Burnin' (Philip S.)

You've Got A Friend (M.Glover)

Cha Cha Espana (Ira)

Baby It's Cold (Linda Burgess)

Blue Bayou (Jenny Hughes)

Make This Day 

Something Stupid Cha Cha (Linda Burgess)

Dance With Me Tonight (J & J Talbot)

Throw Your Hands Up (Linda Burgess)

Never Let Me Go 

If I Had Wings

Gambling Man



Move A Like

How Far To Waco

Country Is As Country 

Somebody's Chelsea

Good Intent

I Miss You

Happy Dance

Good Girl 

Bittersweet Memory 

Melon Heart 

Done Gone (Ethel-W.A) 

Love to Dance (S.Ward) 

Someone Like (Linda Burgess)  

Something in the Water (N.Poulsen)

Allabama Slammin

Here For A Good Time (C.Sullivan) 

You and Me (T.Lee)

Save the Last Dance (L.Booth) revisited 

It's Friday (T.Gauci) 

Til Forever (Audrey-Scotland) 

Living for the Night (C.Sullivan)

Just a Memory (blast from the past)

Here Comes Goodbye (M.Simpkin) 

Loves Me Like A Rock (L.Burgess) 

In The Deep (M.Vera Lobos) 

You Can't Stop the Music

(re-visted) (L.Burgess)

Beethoven Boogie (G.Elliott)

Don't Fence Me in (S.Kerrigan)

Bound to You (M.Vera Lobos)

Marry You (L.Burgess)

Journey to the Stars 

Oh Yeh Me 

Mr Mom (re-visited) (H.Pace)

I'm No Good

Midnight Waltz

Drop on By (Travis & Wendy Hughes) 

Knee Deep 

I Won't Let Go   (Darren Mitchell) 

Dont' You Want Me   (Carl Sullivan)

Dance, Baby, Dance (Linda Burgess) 

Perfect Day   (S.Ward)

Shakatak   (revisited)

Superstar   (Tom Glover)

Walkin' in the Club  (Chris Watson)

Bumpy Ride  (Linda Burgess)

Satisfied  (Linda Burgess)

Mountain of Love (revisited)

Mack the Knife (revisited)

Rivers of Babylon (revisted)

Coming Back (Gordon Elliott)

Missourie Swing

 Mamma Maria (beginner) 

Corono Con Lima (beginner) 

Crazy Postman (beginner) 

Flip Flops

Flying High (easy) 

Out and Jump (u.k) 

The Last Waltz (T.Gauci) 

Think About Us (Travis) 

Flip, Flop and Fly

Better Than Leaving (Rosalie) 

Coming to Save Me (Robyn, Linda, Gary & Cheryl)

Man of My Word (Jennifer & Darren)


Hello Dolly 

Turn on the Radio (L.Burgess)

( 3rd place in 2011 National Choreography Competition)


  Pack Up and Tiptoe (easy) Pat Stott (U.K) 

Skinny Jeans (beg) Pat Stott (U.K.)          

Tennessee Line (Int Waltz) Bruce N.Zealand

Keep On Rollin (easy int) Carl

Before He Cheats (Int) Jenny/Karen 

Margaritaville  (improver) Linda B

Hollywood     (intermediate) Linda B

B.C.O.(Baby Come On)

Fairytale (int) T.Gauci

It's For You  (int) Gordon

Mr Whoever You Are


Mountains of Mourne (easy int) Linda

2nd place in 2011 National Choreography Competition


But Now I'm Back (intermediate)Linda

Spellbound (int) Chris W.

Ghost train 

Tahoe Kick 

Tied Together (int) Linda


Little Fiesta (beg) Kate S.

I Want that Man (int) S.Ward

Tennessee Shuffle

Sweet Southern Comfort (revisited)Linda B.

Quando Quando (revisited)

Hold on (int) L. Olsen

Mamma Don't Dance

Louisiana Swing

Rhyme or Reason

Sweet Romance (Revisited) 

Homeward Bound 

Bad Influence

Navajo Rug (Carl) 

If I knew Then (Tom) 

Not My Time To Fly (Linda, Robert & Michelle) 

Cowgirls Don't Cry (B.Larson)

Dancing On A Fire

(Groot, Wolfe & Parker)           

When I Look At You (L.Burgess)

Dum Dum (Jan Whylie)

Mockingbird (Linda Burgess)

Let's Dance (Chris Watson) 

Under the Sun

Do I (Tracie Lee)  

Too Much Cha Cha (Penny) 

Walkin' In the Rain (T.Gauci) 

Mad About Mambo (T.Gauci) 

One Heart (revisited) 

 I Need You Now

Cajun Cross (Beginners)

Baby Dream (beginners)Teresa & Vera

Dream of You (easy int.) Teresa & Vera

Travelling Man (Kevin & Maria Smith)

Don't let this Moment End (Nadia)

Just Across the Rio Grande (Rosalie)

Bartender Stomp

Tap That Boogie (L.Wolfe)


Hey Babe (C. Sullivan)(beg)

Hard to Find

Speak With Your Heart

Chica Boom Boom (beg)

A Rockin Good Way (beg) (L.Burgess)

Hallelujah Hoedown (L.Burgess)

You and I

And We Danced (Gordon)

Sister Kate

Keep the Light On (L.Burgess)

Mojo Rhymthm

Scooby Doo




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